Squibb Demolition Contractors

Squibb Demolition Contractors - UK Based Controlled Demolition Company

Having established a formidable reputation as the premier demolition contractors in its native United Kingdom, Squibb Group has evolved to become a major global force across the controlled demolition and dismantling sectors, taking its knowledge and experience across Europe and into the Middle East regions.

The company is a recognised leader in the field of controlled demolition, as demolition contractors we bring unrivalled expertise to all facets of the modern demolition process and delivering tailor-made and application-specific solutions that include top-down deconstruction, remote controlled demolition, and explosive demolition methods.

Squibb Group Demolition Contractors - UK Based Expert Controlled Demolition Company.


Steve Jack, President of the Institute of Demolition Engineers, has joined the Squibb Group.

He brings with him a wealth of experience,…

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Demolition of 2 and 3 storey office blocks

The Demolition of 2 and 3 storey office…

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