Health & Safety


Every project has its own traits and potential risks. But you can take confidence that rigorous health and safety management lies at the heart of our commitment to you, our employees and the public.

Our strong family heritage defines our work and safety culture, and our core values. In practice, this ensures that at every stage of a project, from planning to completion, the “safety factor” is fundamental to every decision we make – from the work site to the boardroom.

This is no idle commitment. Our team of safety officers support all our operations, working together to provide practical and safe solutions in a challenging working environment.


We continually strive to improve our safety and environmental standing by adhering to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, accreditation to which is externally verified on an annual basis.

To ensure our excellent safety record is upheld, we regularly review our company procedures and hold frequent site audits on our own employees and any sub-contractors.

We also work with all our contract partners towards our shared goal of Zero Harm – every person involved or affected by our work should not be harmed by the work we carry out.

In addition, our bespoke Health, Safety and Environmental Management system and best in class levels of training, experience and competence allow us to provide the highest standard of corporate responsibility in our sector.


Key fundamental principles guide us in achieving our goal of Zero Harm and maintaining our high levels of health, safety and environmental performance:

Eliminating Hazards

“We won’t start work until all fatal risks have been identified, assessed and eliminated – and everyone involved knows what to do to stay safe.”

Planning and risk assessment

“Hazards are identified and assessed at the planning stage. We won’t start work until adequate resources are allocated and all identified control measures are implemented.”

Continual improvement

“Our systems for health, safety and environmental management are assessed for suitability and effectiveness as part of our continual improvement process and to ensure they complement systems adopted by customers and contract partners.”

Protecting the public

“Protecting members of the public from hazards involved in our work informs every action we take as part of our job. For example, making sure that every load of waste that leaves our sites is sheeted to prevent objects being ejected.”

Worker's health

“Hazards that pose long-term health risks will be identified, controlled and monitored for all our workers. Their lives must not be affected by the processes or substances they are exposed to.”

Working with other people

“We work with our customers and contract partners to ensure your requirements are met, with our commitment to Zero Harm integral to our work. Above all, safety is our license to operate.”

Safe behaviour

“Unsafe behaviour is considered anti-social within the culture of our company. It is made clear that it’s in every employee’s best interest to work safely for themselves and others.”