Imperial Tobacco Nottingham

Project Status: Completed
Location: Imperial Tobacco Nottingham
Client: Henry Boot Developments

Squibb Group were contracted to carry out demolition works at the Former Imperial Tobacco Horizon building in Nottingham.

The project entailed the removal of all asbestos containing materials located in the property and identified on the asbestos register, and all those included in the R&D Survey, followed by the soft strip of the interior of the building, the demolition of the structure and remedial works of the site.

Challenges Faced

Our main challenge was the demolition of the main structure, the building itself had a deep basement spanning most of the building and in order to carry out the demolition safely the basement had to be filled to allow the high reach excavator access to carry out the demo work safely.

How we overcome this

The ground slab of the building was broken through using excavators with breaker attachments. The steel reinforcing was then removed and the basement was backfilled to spec using 6f2 crushed concrete, the ground was then tested for loadbearing to allow our high reach machine to travel onto the backfilled material and safely carry out the demolition work.