Project Status: Ongoing
Location: Derbyshire
Client: Celanese

The works comprise the asbestos removal, demolition, dismantling, decontamination and site clearance of the Celanese Acetate Limited manufacturing facility at Spondon, Derby. The facility comprises a number of process plants, offices, workshops/ stores and structures, storage and fuel tanks of a variety of design standards with some elements over 70 years old, with a combination of traditional concrete, brick, timber and major steel process plants associated with the manufacture of cellulose acetate fibres and cellulose acetate products.

The Spondon site is located east of Derby, Spondon DE21 7BS and covers an area of approximately 300 acres. The north of the site is bordered by a railway line, while the south, east and west are bounded by the River Derwent. Directly beyond River Derwent to the south is Parkland.

The overall program for the works includes a lead in time of twelve weeks which has been utilized as a pre planning stage prior to the commencement of the main works, this was a key stage in the overall works program as a strong relationship was build up between the clients team and the Squibb project team and the Squibb project team with the integration of both sides health and safety policies and practices.

Asbestos removal methods include a combination of the “Red Box” injection machine, glove bags and LEV. The works included the removal of over 2000 linear meters of asbestos lagged sectional, hard set insulated pipe work and over 5500m2 of asbestos insulation board. All the works have been completed from a combination of MEWPS and independent fixed scaffold platforms.

Following on from the decontamination and asbestos removal, the demolition in the main including is being carried out by the use of long reach machinery fitted with a combination of steel cutting jaws or concrete processing equipment working to a detailed engineered method statement to ensure the building stability is maintained in the demolition process. However the preferred methodology for the demolition of the on-site power station requires the use of controlled explosives. A detailed program of is followed including the critical path which includes the opening up of areas for them to be surveyed for a future remediation package.