Kent Foods Basildon

Project Status: Completed
Location: Basildon Essex








The Client was the Northern Ireland Local Government Officer’s Superannuation Committee, and in September 2020, Squibb Group were awarded the contract to make safe, demolish and clear site as per the details below.

The Kent Foods Basildon works comprised of the complete demolition of structurally unsound and dangerous warehouse unit following extensive fire damage.

The works took into consideration: the submission of all notices and confirmation of isolation to all existing services; the strip out and demolition of existing food factory unit and associated two storey offices down to existing slab level; the strip out of all plant and equipment, fixtures, finishes, fittings and the like; breaking up of the existing ground bearing slab to factory and offices; the removal of all debris from site including all ‘contaminated’ residue from food production processes; generally to clear site by removing all food contamination and residue (including to landscaped and paved areas); capping of existing drains; protection and maintenance of the existing perimeter fences and gates; leaving site in a safe and secure condition with all appropriate signage; vermin control measures and repositioning of the existing concrete ‘road blocker’ units behind existing gates to leave site secure. All works were undertaken while adhering to COVID-19 site and travel safe operating procedures.







The building was demolished in a sequential manner, as follows:

  • All drains protected with filtration to prevent contaminated water escaping into drainage system.
  • The building demolished in a sequential manner removing the steel portal frame, removing the beams followed by the columns, the building left self-supporting at all times. The sequence of work was repeated until warehouse demolished.
  • The spoil loaded into bins to keep area clear.
  • The demolition process reduced the height of building, the machines sat on the slab during the process. Safe access routes were maintained for site operatives throughout works.
  • Spoil was processed by another machine on the ground floor ready for removal from site. Operative using oxy-propane cutting equipment cut up the steels / rebar as required working under permit to work as works progressed.
  • All fixings to ground floor slab removed; openings filled with site spoil and the slab cleared and clean. Attention paid to maintaining fixing bolts in reinforced concrete slab.
  • Burnt food waste and contents separated from building structure and loaded into waste burns for disposal at approved licensed waste site.
  • Storm Attenuation Tank: liaison with Local Environmental Agency undertaken to agree protocol for disposal of wastewater and contaminated materials from storm water attenuation tank. Once plan of action was agreed material removed from site.
  • Site cleared and all certification handed over.

All personnel involved were given a site-specific induction prior to commencing work, and pre-start daily task and methodology briefings were held with all site personnel each morning to confirm the hazards, risks involved and the mitigations with controls to work right. Squibb Group internal health and safety site audits were undertaken each week, and the programme was delivered on time, within budget, without incident and during the COVID-19 pandemic.