Nestle Hayes

Project Status: Completed
Location: Nestle Hayes Middlesex
Client: Segro

Squibb Group were contracted to demolish various existing structures at SEGRO Park in Hayes. Works also included the removal of existing ground slabs and foundations. Dismantling and removal of plant and equipment. Façade retention of the main factory building using temporary supports and bracings, identifying asbestos containing material and hazardous materials for removal.


The site is located at the former Nestlé factory, 500 meters to the south-east of Hayes Town Centre. The site is bounded to the north-west by the Great Western Rail and the Grand Union Canal to the north. Nestles Avenue is to the south of the site and North Hyde Gardens to the east of the site. To the west is the existing Squirrels Industrial Estate.

The site comprised of a number of existing factory buildings formerly used in the production of coffee and chocolate products. As well as the main factory building, there were warehouses, storage and packing buildings, boiler houses, roasting and drying areas, as well as staff amenity buildings.

Asbestos Removal

We started out at Nestle working in confined spaces under the ground floor of the former Nestle factory completing the removal of asbestos insulated pipe work. We also removed Asbestos Insulating Boarding (AIB) from the roof top area, with all these works completed inside full asbestos enclosures under negative pressure.

Once the ASB5 notification works were completed we then proceeded to remove all asbestos pipe gaskets (non-licensed work) from inside the main building. once this was completed, we then proceeded to do all non-licensed works I.e. (cement products removing approximately 500 lorry loads of contaminated concrete, dirt, and then removing small pieces of asbestos cement once the contaminated concrete was removed. Additionally we removed roadways and removed asbestos cement that was underneath the roadways.

Key Elements/Challenges Faced

  • Proximity to great western railway line and grand union canal
  • Retaining façade of main factory building and left in stable condition.
  • Trees and railings to be protected.
  • Removal of boiler house chimney using cranes.
  • Working close to a residential area

How we overcame this

Working closely with Great Western Railway and the Canals and River Trust we established safe methodologies to carry out the work with no disruption to services or wildlife. We designed and installed a steel frame to retain the façade our column bases were installed 2m below ground level to mitigate the need to remove them later.  Installing façade frame bases deep below ground lead to dewatering and further temporary work to protect the existing columns during excavation. Fencing was installed around protected trees and railings and recorded on location plans. Working closely with Great Western Railway and Heathrow Airport (HAL) the chimneys were cut into smaller sections and lowered to ground using a tandem lift via 2 mobile cranes once at ground level the chimney section was cut up ready for transport.