Nurses Site Whipps Cross

Project Status: Ongoing
Location: Whipps Cross University Hospital Waltham Forest
Client: Barts Health NHS Trust

Squibb Group Limited are to be the Principal Contractor for the duration of their contract. To supply all necessary design, supervision, labour, plant, and materials to execute the demolition, asbestos removal, associated works and the full land remediation, groundworks and installation of car parks and streetlighting, including all preliminaries, organisation, co-ordination, engineering, temporary works, installation drawings, supply and delivery to site, plant and equipment, labour, protection and security of the site until Practical Completion, cleaning down and removal of all waste and rubbish generated as the works progress and everything necessary to undertake setting out and execution of the Demolition Package in 5 consecutive phases.

Following completion of each phase of the Demolition Package, Squibb Group (while continuing demolition in the next phase) will start to prepare and install the car park in each phase.








Full Scope of Design, Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Land Remediation, Groundworks, Site Preparation and Installation of Car Parks:

  • Temporary and Permanent Works Design.
  • Extensive notifiable licensed asbestos works to all buildings.
  • Demolitions of all buildings to ground floor slab.
  • Breaking up all reinforced concrete ground floor slabs, foundations to the buildings and any other areas being demolished and allow for all debris to be removed off site. Break up the foundations and remove all hard standing from grounds.
  • Land remediation of asbestos in soils.
  • Infilling all voids left by the removal of the old concrete foundations and leave in a safe condition using inert materials.
  • Reduced level dig of 500mm across the whole site from original ground level to ready for Squibb Group site preparation.
  • Assessment/classification and disposal of surplus soils from the reduced level excavation
  • General levelling and compacting all areas remaining at minus 500mm and leave in a safe condition for site preparation.
  • Service diversions.
  • Infrastructure.
  • New road, kerbs, paving, paths, bunds and 5 new car parks.
  • Street lighting.

Challenges Faced

  • Getting Plant and Equipment to site.
  • A ‘Live’ working Hospital in a Residential Area
  • Extensive quantities of Asbestos in buildings and underground ducts.


How we overcome this

  • Restrictions and tight streets to get High Reach Excavators and large Heavy Plant to site with green and brown route restrictions.
  • Constant static and handheld emissions monitoring of vibration, noise, and air quality i.e. dust.
  • All transport movements pre-booked and only allowed at certain times during each day.
  • Specialists in large scale works and HSE licensed Squibb Group Asbestos Division.