St. Clement’s Hospital

Project Status: Completed
Location: Bow, East London
Client: Linden Homes

The site was historically a hospital. The project consisted of the removal of asbestos containing materials from various parts of the buildings that make up the entire site. The works to St Clements Hospital are being carried out in preparation for a major housing project that is to be built on the site. Some of the buildings are Grade II listed and will be soft stripped back to walls. The Squibb Group started asbestos removal in March 2014 to remove all known asbestos containing materials. The asbestos materials included pipe insulation, AIB boarding, Floor tiles, cement sheeting etc throughout the site in numerous buildings and undercrofts. The works were carried out using semi controlled conditions with the use of fully enclosed areas using fully controlled conditions. Works were difficult in certain areas where the building was listed so that critical features could be maintained. An open area of the site was deemed to have contamination within the spoil this proved difficult to carry out and achieve the site remaining operational for access associated with transport/machinery.


A restrictive one way system around the site and a very busy main trunk road into London meant managing access to and from the site was difficult. The site is surrounded by occupied residential properties which meant that the operation had to be contained and micro managed. Other trades were on site working alongside us to carrying out piling, we worked in unison with them to achieve project target dates.


Manned access to the site was carried out in a controlled manner without the risk to passing members of the public.