Sellafield Ltd Announce Award Of Prestigious Decommissioning Delivery Partnership (ddp) Framework Contract

Squibb Group, as an equal partner of Nexus consortia made up of Costain, Mott Macdonald, NG Bailey & Safety Critical, recently secured one of the largest decommissioning framework contracts ever placed in the UK for Sellafield Ltd known as DDP. Nexus will be working as one of the selected Lot Delivery Partners (LDP’s) on site for a decade long framework, worth initially £500m but with headroom up to £1.5b, depending on how Sellafield prioritise the projected workload.

In order to be chosen, the companies had to demonstrate how they will support Sellafield Ltd’s socioeconomic strategy, with particular emphasis on the key themes of skills, growth and community. They were also assessed on other factors including quality and value during a two-year tendering process. Squibb Group are the only recognised specialist demolition contractor chosen across the framework LDP’s.