Having established a formidable reputation as one of the premier demolition contractors in its native United Kingdom, Squibb Group has evolved to become a major global force across the controlled demolition and dismantling sectors, taking its knowledge and experience across Europe and into the Middle East regions.

The company is a recognised leader in the field of controlled demolition and as demolition contractors we bring unrivalled expertise to all facets of the modern demolition process, delivering tailor-made application-specific solutions that include top-down deconstruction, remote controlled demolition and explosive demolition methods.

Experience matters, if you need a structure removed and cleared our highly skilled demolition teams will access the quickest, most economical solution.

We make a site environmentally secure by traditional means; we may use explosives or perform a controlled collapse of structures. Some structures may require special attention, needing to be carefully picked apart to preserve listed elements or to keep the facades.

Whatever your demands the same meticulous consideration is given to all projects – big and small. Our team of experts, from planning/surveying to our on-site engineers, harness all the demolition knowledge gained – to give you the kind of reassurance and experience you get from being in the business for 75 years.


We don’t just remove buildings, we also strip them from the inside if you need to carry out refurbishment or fit out work. We take away partitions, false ceilings, raised floors and all mechanical and electrical plant and equipment where required.

Refurbishment projects often entail additional work to create openings or ‘Builders Work’ for the enhancement of other trades – this is also part of our stripping out service if you need it.

Your safety concerns are paramount, before any work starts, we can arrange surveys to identify the existence of asbestos-related materials, which we can then safely remove.


While based in London and an approved contractor for many local authorities, including the City of Westminster and the City of London, we work extensively with major national constructors, house builders, property and development companies – and in Europe and the Middle East.

Demolition projects may range from city centre structures to airport terminals, from petrochemical works to car manufacturing plants and residential dwellings. The assignments vary, but we work often with some of the most prominent names in industry, including:

  • Sellafield, Magnox, Dounreay Nuclear
  • British Gas
  • Department of Transport
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • National Grid
  • Homes and Communities Agency
  • British Airports Authority
  • BP
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Highways Agency
  • Network Rail
  • NHS