Engineering & Temporary Works Design

Understanding the structural performance of a building during the phases of demolition is a fundamental driver of the demolition methodology to be adopted on any particular scheme.

Very often, the stability of a structure will change during the demolition process and as such, it is important that engineering solutions are developed to provide temporary support as a facilitator of safe demolition.

Squibb Group provide specialist Temporary Works design solutions in support of our demolition activities.


  • Façade Retention Design
  • Scaffold Design
  • Falsework, Framework & Back Propping
  • Propping, Shoring, Jacking
  • Load Analysis
  • Earth Support
  • Piling, Sheet Piling & Underpinning Design
  • Cranage & Materials Handling
  • Construction Sequencing and Planning

The services Squibb Group extend from the design office environment to provide quality assurance inspections and sign-offs, written reports and recommendations. The experience and expertise of the engineers employed by Squibb Group, often allows on the spot answers and design solutions to overcome costly delays and mitigate high risk situations.